Re-Engineering Your Finances Podcast

You Need To Avoid These Portfolio Disasters

Between wildfires, hurricanes, tornados and floods, there’s always a natural disaster making news headlines. And while life and limb aren’t at stake when it comes to your portfolio, experiencing a financial disaster can still have a catastrophic effect on your life in retirement. Let’s discuss some portfolio disasters that we’ve seen and how to avoid them...

What Does Financial Security Mean To You?

"Financial Security” might mean different things to different people, but for nearly everyone, making sure that they achieve their own definition of security is the most important part of their retirement plan. So, how do you define financial security? On today’s show, we’ll cover some of the popular responses we hear from clients during the planning process.

These Financial Things Are Underrated

This topic is simple. Things related to your money, finances, and retirement that should get way more attention and excitement. Let’s give them the love they deserve on this episode.

What Popular Proverbs Teach Us About Money

There are plenty of proverbs and axioms that aren’t meant to be about money, but we can easily learn a financial lesson from them anyway. We’ll show you the hidden money meanings behind some of these popular sayings…

Mailbag: Retiring Early, Stretch IRAs, Marrying Into Debt

We've had a ton of email questions come in, so this week we're opening up the mailbag. We'll answer Jeff's question about the possibility of retiring early at 55, and offer some thoughts on investing in foreign currency. We'll also talk about what you might do with an inherited property, a few things should know about Stretch IRAs, and much more.

5 Simple Retirement Questions (That Are Hard To Answer)

Some of retirement planning’s most important questions seem so simple at first. They can be asked in just 4-5 words and give the impression the answers are a simple “yes” or “no”. But it’s tricky because many of these questions can become overwhelming to answer. Let’s cover some of the important retirement questions that are harder to answer than you might think.

What Does “Safe Money” Really Mean?

There’s a buzzword in the financial world called “safe money”, but it has a few different definitions and ways it is used. Everyone wants their money to be safe to a certain extent, but there’s a balancing act when it comes to having safe money and having a bit of risk.

Facing The Realities Of Retirement Planning

The realities of retirement planning are different than they were even a decade ago. Let’s talk about some of the realities that affect how you need to plan…

5 “Pain Points” In Your Financial Life - Part 2

Everyone has something that bothers them when it comes to their financial plan. We call them "pain points". On part 2, we'll cover the final two pain points. How can you counteract the uneasiness of walking away from a paycheck and what should you do about having anxiety of another market crash?

5 “Pain Points” In Your Financial Life - Part 1

Everyone has something that bothers them when it comes to their financial plan. We call them "pain points". On the next two shows we'll cover the 5 most common pain points that are likely in your financial life. On part 1, we'll cover the worry of running out of money before dying, angst about taxes, and the fear of ending up in a nursing home.