Re-Engineering Your Finances Podcast

The Importance Of Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Any advisor worth his or her salt is going to have a conversation with you about risk. But what in the world is “risk tolerance”? It’s a buzzword that gets used a lot in meetings with financial advisors, but we’ve found that a lot of people don’t have a great understanding of how their risk tolerance truly impacts their financial and retirement plans. Let’s fix that and give you the 411 on risk tolerance.

The Problems With Living A Long Life

It’s great that people are living longer and longer, but how can you be sure that your retirement plan is built to last as long as you do? Let’s discuss the financial impact of a longer life expectancy.

You’re Offered A Pension Buyout. Now What?

It's a common financial planning issue. You're in line to get a pension from your company, but then they offer you a lump sum buyout instead of that lifetime income guarantee. The situation can be confusing and complex and difficult to analyze all the pros and cons on your own. Charles tells us some of the important things to consider if you go through this situation and tells us a story about someone who had this very issue.

An Introduction To Charles Welde & The CP Welde Group

In the first edition of "Re-Engineering Your Finances" we'll take a look at Charles' past and explore how he got into the financial advising business. He'll tell us how his past experiences shaped his planning philosophies and impacted the way he does business today. We'll also tell you what to expect on future editions of the podcast.

Podcast Teaser: Coming Soon - The Re-Engineering Your Finances Podcast

Get ready for a great new podcast with Charles Welde of CP Welde Group. Each episode will cover the most important concepts facing you as you prepare for retirement and your financial future. Charles is the founder of CP Welde Group in Chadds Ford, PA and will lend his expertise and knowledge to the show show. Look for the first episode in early February and two new episodes each month going forward. We'll talk to you on the podcast soon!